• Stop the Corporate Takeover of Democracy!

    I'll do my best to prevent this blog from becoming overly political, but on days like today, something has to be said! Something must be done! Whatever we call our organizations and events regarding this issue, it's critical that we act NOW to take back our nation from the greedheads!

    In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to toss our democracy to the pack of mega-corporate wolves, I'm not sure that a “funeral for democracy,” like the demonstrations some groups are organizing, is the right way to approach the mess. Funerals are final and often depressing, so I worry that such rallies might just become the final nail on the coffin. What about a New Dawn for Democracy rally? Or a Rebirthing of Democracy rally? Or perhaps something sexy (but classy) playing on the "conception" of democracy concept. Something related to medicine might work, too, and could be used to name the groups organizing these rallies i.e. the Democracy Doctors or Defibulate the Nation…I think more people might show up and more people might get jazzed to do more 'after' the rally if it were billed a part of a campaign to save democracy rather than to bury it.

    In the meantime EVERYONE please sign the petition here:


    It takes ‘no time’ and it could ultimately save our democracy from death by corporations.


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