• Roof-Reliance Rocks!

    Yesterday at the Semi-Arid Café I sat down next to a colleague who had recently printed out the State of New Mexico’s “Roof-Reliant Landscaping,”™ a free online, how-to manual for people who want to install landscape-oriented cistern systems with the goal of never using "make-up" water (that is, water from a private well or a public utility). Produced by New Mexico’s Office of the State Engineer and written mostly by me, you can find the whole shebang at:


    Although not as "unfathomably enjoyable" as the upcoming “Harvest the Rain,” my completely unbiased opinion says, "It rocks!"


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it asks for 10 minutes a day for a year. At the end of the year, it asks for 10 more.

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If you keep up this pattern, 27 years later you spend over 4 hours per day being extremely green.

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