• Sacred Hunting? Paypal Me Up!

    For $85, which includes an elk-stew lunch, I just signed up for a "sacred hunting" workshop with Larry Littlebird of Laguna/Santo Domingo Pueblo. Having been mugged several times in the concrete jungle of New York City, my experience with hunting growing up was much more a kin to prey than predator. Thirty years later and after a professional life full of "natural-systems thinking," I am looking forward to connecting with my deep genetic roots as a hunter.

    On the pdf I could forward to you, Littlebird describes hunting as "spiritual practice" in which "hunters do not take life, they receive life....They seek to understand their own place and purpose within a great circle of Creation. Their personal action is to give back, which is crucial to being part of the natural order of all things. Now more than ever, our survival depends upon reconnecting to this sacred hunting, for finding a path of intimacy with the animals, mountains, desert, sky, and one another."

    The one-day workshop on Saturday, January 30, 2010 will be held south of Santa Fe “on the aboriginal lands of Hamaatsa,” and I'm definitely looking forward to it. Register online here: www.hamaatsa.org


  1. Ooops that's "hunting sacred" not "sacred hunting" (Although the ends to these concepts would seem the same, their means would be quite different.)

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