• MLK Daydream

    The strongest criticism of my upcoming book will probably come from those more radical than I, those who fear the worst, and folks who claim, “If we don’t change NOW in a HUGE way, all will be lost.” As we celebrate MLK Day, they could even quote the good doctor’s "I have a dream" speech in which King rightly complains about the “drug of gradualism.” Immediate measures were necessary in 1963, and it appears as if a sudden revolution is needed now.

    So what’s the difference between the 1963 justice movement and today’s green paradigm shift? First, most victims associated with 2010 materialism are less obvious than the targets of yesterday’s racism. Second, thwarting universally BAD behavior seems slightly easier than inspiring a particular form of “good” behavior. Third, people get turned off by extremist environmentalism quickly, but they LOVE the idea of greening our culture GRADUALLY. If we stay focused on regular increases of time spent being ecological, then we have a chance to make it to the Promised Land. I may not get there with ya, but I dream I do!


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The final frontier.

These are the musings of an engaging enterprise.
Its thirty-year mission:

To create a greener planet.

To seek a better life in our lumbering civilization, and

to slowly go where we are all are headed anyway.


Is an unproven system for generating wide-spread sustainability.

it asks for 10 minutes a day for a year. At the end of the year, it asks for 10 more.

So in the second year, you spend just 20 minutes a day, in the third year, 30 minutes.

If you keep up this pattern, 27 years later you spend over 4 hours per day being extremely green.

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