• No Egg is an Island

    After a 20-week sabbatical, our chickens started laying eggs again. Found one green-shelled and one brown this morning. Both were 2/3” longer and significantly wider than any of the Trader Joe’s “Large” eggs in the fridge. If experience is any indicator, they’ll be twice as delicious, too!

    One of the sad parts of this story is how our birds quit laying. As soon as I accidentally bought a bag of “scratch” instead of “lay pellets,” our flock of six large ladies all shut down. Even as we try to bring sustainability closer to our modern lives, it seems we still are inextricably linked to big companies that make a particular recipe of chicken food. (At least there's "The Encyclopedia of Country Living" that'll tell you what to feed your chickens in the even of economic collapse.)

    Another sad part is that I don’t think our fine-feathered friends would have restarted their laying without the incandescent light that we have been leaving "on" for them in their coop during these cold nights...which reminds me...better get out there now and turn the sucker on. They say it’ll be another chilly one.


  1. Anonymous says:

    You could keep the chickes in the little room next to your house office; light and warmth, what more could they want. Plus you could have their soundtrack for background noise.

  1. nate downey says:

    Great idea! I'll broach the subject with the Operations Dept.

  1. Anonymous says:

    When will the chicken cam be up and running? If there's a light on all night, there's no reason to say no! :)

  1. Anonymous says:

    my friend mathias' chicken in denver began laying 2 days ago too, after a 3 month hiatus! weird---chicken consciousness convergence in the west!

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