• Purposefulness on a Slippery Slope

    On the thick-fog, fresh-snow drive down the road to Hamaatsa yesterday, a political discussion ensued about the supremes’ bad decision to call money “speech” and corporations “persons.” As driver, I had to remain aware of the skinny tire tracks ahead, and since I knew the day’s event, Larry Littlebird’s “Hunting Sacred” workshop, was going to be about listening, I wasn’t able to squeeze my thoughts out about the cyclicality of political movements. Although much improved thanks to the powerful inspiration of Mr. Littlebird, here are those thoughts: The more corporations grow out of control the more people like us will voice our opposition, and when there are enough people like us, our day will come. In the meantime, it may be wise to combine two of Larry’s thoughts. The first came as he started the workshop, “We're like that snowflake,” one of zillions from the storm. The other came as the sun set: “Every action of every [sacred] hunter is purposeful.” In other words we MUST take action (however small), while we simultaneously remember that our actions are part of an infinite continuum of cyclical patterns.


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