• More Biking & Talking than Shoveling on Day 4 of Dig

    Started with a quick ride down to the farmers’ market and back, then down West Alameda for a water-harvesting presentation to a very cool homeowners’ association. It’s always nice to talk to a group of people who each need your help in a slightly different way. From there, I pedaddled (to take off by bike) to the always-kind Plants of the Southwest for some wildflower seed needed at a job tomorrow. When I got back is was chow time, family time, and finally garden time! Sneaked in a mere 24 sq. ft. before sundown, so I’m thinking I’d better stop writing and get back to ye ole double digging before it gets too dark again today.


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it asks for 10 minutes a day for a year. At the end of the year, it asks for 10 more.

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If you keep up this pattern, 27 years later you spend over 4 hours per day being extremely green.

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