• Historic Potato Chip Bag Feeds Worms, Builds Soil

    Thanks to our friend Jobyl, our compost pile currently contains, according to Sun Chips, “The world’s first 100% compostable chip bag of its kind.” If we’re not home, Jobyl, who lives in a downtown apartment with no room to park, let alone compost, sometimes leaves leftover salad and moldy bread at our door. The other day we were home, so she hand delivered the aforementioned bag. While turning my pile today, I came across the two-day old experiment and almost detected a slightly lackluster sheen off the thing.


    Although our entire food system is currently placed in the dangerous hands of companies that own crap like Sun Chips, I must say I was delighted and inspired by Jobyl’s gift. Sun Chips even says they’ll teach you how to compost if you go to their website. In my upcoming book, Harvest the Rain, you’ll find a chapter about composting, but in the meantime, I’d encourage you to get this kind of info wherever you can. Composting is great fun and great exercise, too! But don’t forget to check back for reasonably regular reports on the decaying process of the bag.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Undoubtedly the Sun Chips compostable bag is the LOUDEST and CRINKLIEST snack bag in the history of the world! But I can't wait to see how the silver interior lining breaks down...Until peeps can get their hands on Harvest the Rain, here is Composting 101 from Sun Chips:

    And Haagen Dazs is funding honey bee research at UC-Davis and Penn State :) KEEP THE HIVE ALIVE!

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