• As Newspapers Struggle, “Green Fire Times” Thrives

    I’ve been impressed with Santa Fe’s newest eco-periodical since it sprouted up a year ago, and the current issue is a total gem. It simply overflows with inspirational information and positive solutions. You can read a PDF here http://greenfiretimes.com/ or pick up a physical copy in the Santa Fe area. Here’s a list of some of the topics found in this, its first-anniversary issue:


    Water is Life

    2010 Sustainable Santa Fe Awards

    The Potential of a Green, Local Economy

    Protect Our Public Lands

    Touring a Green School

    Why Use Green Building Materials?

    Affordable Housing

    Dig and Eat Local

    Only Healthy Soil Grows Healthy Plants


    My favorite is Where does your food come from? Produced by a group called Dreaming New Mexico, it’s a sharp piece that envisions a time when “Every New Mexico citizen and elected official knows, and every school teaches “Where does your food come from?” which agro-ecoregion they live within. They know its weather, soils, sources of water, five agro-ecoregional crops and the best dates for planting and harvesting. They learn the specific constraints on crops, and a few cultivars custom designed for an eco-regional and eco-friendly agriculture.”


    I agree, and the good news is that serious political will is constantly building toward these ends. Usually, I’m pretty abreast of elections and the candidates running, but this year I’ve let those interests lapse a little. Please feel free to tell us about candidates you are supporting, especially if he/she/they have any agro-ecoregional thoughts (i.e. slow-food goals, permacultural plans, or any ties to small-scale agriculture, edible gardening, local energy, sustainability, etc.). Who knows? Readers of Backyard Digest might be in need of some timely guidance toward your political perspective or persuasion.


  1. John McAndrew says:

    I'm volunteering for Carl Trujillo, who is running to replace Ben Lujan, Sr. as Democratic representative for District 46. That district includes some Pueblos, Chimayo, Buckman, and northern Santa Fe.

    Even though Mr. Lujan gets good voting record reviews from environmental groups, people in his district are fighting AAMODT's efforts to cap their perfectly good wells; meanwhile, people in the Chimayo area drink water with nitrates, uranium, silt and sulfur while a lake full of good water sits nearby, lacking the infrastructure to deliver it. The most powerful politician of the last two or three decades lives in District 46, and the people there have no sewers, no trash or recycling pickup, and when they turn on the tap, their water smells like rotten eggs? Powerful guy (you can tell by the number of times people have taken down their Trujillo signs after getting calls from Lujan's people), good voting record, and the people get bupkis. They're tired of it and want a change.

    Carl Trujillo builds homes in Nambe Valley and works in Los Alamos on materials research, including finding materials that will withstand the stresses of wind turbines. He's been meeting with various groups and individuals to benefit from their on-the-ground expertise on environmental and social issues. Instead of taking a Father Knows Best, paternalistic attitude, he is actively pursuing the advice of well-informed locals.

    So many fundamental things have been left undone in the Speaker's home district: it's (way past) time to leave Iron Age thinking behind and give the people of District 46 the support they need. It's time for the Speaker – and the people of District 46 – to enjoy his retirement.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Subject: a vote for compassion

    If you are registered as a Democrat in New Mexico, please vote for Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino for Lt. Governor in the June 1 primary.
    He is the truly green & progressive candidate. Jerry has a genuine concern & a record of supporting social justice, clean energy & honest government.

    His website is: www.jerryfornewmexico.com .


    Forward this to all New Mexicans in your address book. Also vote for Ray Powell & David Bacon.
    And Hank Hughes for PRC http://www.hankforprc.com/ and Paul White for County Commission.

    Toward wisdom & compassion,

    Thanks, Bird
    Thanks, Magita

  1. Anonymous says:

    Reading is essentail; sharing your impressions of what you read in Green Fire Times is very important. Please take note of those companies that support Green Fire Times by purchasing advertising. If you control an ad budget or have influence over those who do, consider the impression a good decision will make. I am a Santa Fe Business person and not connected with Green Fire Times. I simply believe that helping sustain those who are so committed to sustaining us is good business and good sense.

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