• Sign up for Bee Symposium Tomorrow in Santa Fe!

    HERE is a great chance to get an introduction to beekeeping! Zia Queen Bee’s, SWEET SPRING STING, a symposium for novices and those of us who may (or may not) know a little more about those bizarre creatures we call honey bees. I’ll be giving a talk called “Landscape Design with the Hive in Mind,” which will integrate permacultural terms such as  “microclimate,” “zonation,” and “sector analysis” with the needs of bees, bee lovers, and apiphobics alike. Other speakers include Kirk Webster of Champlain Valley Bees and Queens (based in Vermont) and Corwin Bell of BackYardHive.com (based in Colorado). Contact Melanie at 505/689-1287 or visit www.ziaqueenbees.com to sign up for the symposium in Santa Fe which runs from 9am until 1pm this Saturday, March 20. It’s only $20 in advance or $25 at the door.


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The final frontier.

These are the musings of an engaging enterprise.
Its thirty-year mission:

To create a greener planet.

To seek a better life in our lumbering civilization, and

to slowly go where we are all are headed anyway.


Is an unproven system for generating wide-spread sustainability.

it asks for 10 minutes a day for a year. At the end of the year, it asks for 10 more.

So in the second year, you spend just 20 minutes a day, in the third year, 30 minutes.

If you keep up this pattern, 27 years later you spend over 4 hours per day being extremely green.

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