• New Mexico Honors My Cyclist Friend Gail Ryba

    The following news item just in from www.bikenm.org.


    (I just fix a flat so that I can take my boy to school and go to a client meeting via bike today. I’m looking forward to the physical exercise, the mental stimulation, and the joyful inspiration that biking brings to life. Try it. You just might love it!)


    Governors Proclamation Honors
    New Mexico's Top Bicycle Advocate on March 4th, 2010
    Santa Fe, February 4th, 2010: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson proclaimed March 4, 2010 as Ride Your Bicycle In Honor Of Gail Ryba Day, to pay tribute to New Mexico's foremost bicycle advocate.
    For more than a decade, Dr. Gail Ryba has been New Mexico's leading voice in promoting bicycling for transportation, highlighting its many benefits including reduced auto congestion, preservation of the environment and increased physical fitness for those who ride, said the proclamation signed by the Governor.
    The Proclamation honors Dr. Ryba for her bicycle advocacy work in New Mexico as well as her encouraging New Mexicans to incorporate bicycles for all transportation needs. In addition, the Proclamation notes that Gail has worked to educate motorists and cyclists alike to promote mutual awareness and safety.
    "We're both proud and pleased that Gail Rybas work is honored through this Proclamation and we urge all New Mexicans to ride bicycles on March 4th", added the Board Members of the Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico. For those citizens who are unable to ride a bicycle, the Board asked that they choose a mass transportation alternative or carpool on the fourth.
    Ryba, who has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from California Institute of Technology, first came to New Mexico to work for Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque. She co-founded the Sandia Bicycle Commuters Group, then founded Albuquerque's first bicycle advocacy group, the Greater Albuquerque Spokes People (GASP), which is now BikeABQ.
    In 2001 after moving to Santa Fe, Dr. Ryba went on to form the Bicycle Coalition of New Mexico (BCNM), the statewide bicycle advocacy organization. Additionally, she has served on the New Mexico Department of Transportation's Bicycle, Pedestrian and Equestrian Advisory Committee (BPE). Her role as a bike advocate is one part of her complete commitment to sustainability in a broad range of concerns. As Executive Director of the New Mexico Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy, she promoted renewable energy and fair practices in energy development for the state, said Elena Kayak, Energy/Environmental Specialist for Rio Rancho Public Schools.
    New Mexico is a much better state for bicycling as a result of Gail Ryba's tireless efforts, said Diane Albert, the current President of BCNM. New Mexico bicyclists are safer and enjoy a much greater acceptance on the part of motorists than ever before, thanks to Gail. I join Governor Richardson in asking all New Mexicans to ride a bicycle on March fourth for Gail to honor her hard work that truly benefits all of us.


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