• With Book Release on Tuesday, Here’s My Schedule

    August, 2010

                    TUESDAY, AUGUST 17 (AFTER MIDNIGHT), HARVEST THE RAIN IS AVAILABLE! Nate releases Harvest the Rain: How to Enrich Your Life by Seeing Every Storm as a Resource at www.harvesttherain.com
                    SATURDAY, AUGUST 28 (3:30 PM e/p), HGTV'S BANG FOR YOUR BUCK FEARTURES NATE & MELISSA Nate Downey and Melissa McDonald's Backyard Institute is featured on the popular cable TV show. Somewhere between game show, educational documentary, and an episode of pro wrestling, this will surely be fun to watch...What will mainstream television think of our cistern, greywater system, chickens, fake lawn, and edible garden? Tune in to find out! The same episode will also feature the gardens of some landscape-design clients who've turned out to be two of our great friends in Santa Fe, Joe and Julya Sembrat.


    • September, 2010
                      WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 (6:00 PM - ???), QUASI-PRIVATE BOOK RELEASE PARTY If you'd like to get invited to this party, please contact us. We just want to keep track of the numbers, and it's also officially a meeting of a great group of local water harvesters, which calls itself The Semi-Arid . Please join us (and if you want bring $30) for your signed copy of Harvest the Rain. The address for the gig will be 1104 Don Gaspar Avenue, Santa Fe, NM.
                    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, EDIBLES MAGAZINE PUBLISHES IN ALBUQUERQUE, SANTA FE, and TAOS An article by Nate about permaculture, soils, compost, and toxic oil spills is featured in this issue.
                    THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 (6:00 PM) PRESENTATION at LITTLE EARTH SCHOOL. Nate is proud to participate as the first speaker in the series, Parent Education Night at his son's school. His talk is called “Fall is for Planning: Garden Design for Children."
                    SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 (6:00 PM - ?), CAMINO DE PAZ SCHOOL AND FARM Advisory Committee Banquet. As an outgoing, term-limited board member of this wonderful school, Nate will be joining the advisory committee at this fun-filled event full of campus-grown food and local wine.
                    TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 (5:00 PM), KSFR (101.1 FM) RADIO'S JOURNEY HOME w/ DIEGO MULLIGAN. Nate will be interviewed for about half and hour about his book Harvest the Rain and his speaking schedule during Diego's ever-popular daily radio program and (in particular) his long-running "Sustainable Tuesdays" segment.
                    SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (10:00 AM), BOOK-SIGNING EVENT AT THE SANTA FE FARMERS' MARKET--SPONSORED BY COLLECTED WORKS BOOKSTORE. Nate is honored that his first major public book-event will be sponsored by Collected Works and our local farmers' market!
                    SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (TIME = TBA), BOOK-SIGNING EVENT AT ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE, 1160 CAMINO CRUZ BLANCA, SANTA FE, NM Nate is looking forward to bringing his pretty-damn-awesome book to his alma mater known for its "Great Books Program."
                    WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 (4:10 PM - 5:00 PM), WORKSHOP/PRESENTATION
                    AT THE NEW MEXICO WATERSHED FORUM, ALBUQUERQUE MARRIOTT, 2101 LOUISIANA BLVD, NE, ALB. Nate' s talk is titled "How Watershed Sensitivity Will Guide Us from the Brink of Disaster."
    • October, 2010

                    MONDAY - WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4 - 6, WORKSHOP/PRESENTATIONS at the ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE AMERICAN RAINWATER CATCHMENT SYSTEMS ASSOCIATION (ARCSA) AT THE AT&T CONFERENCE CENTER, AUSTIN, TEXAS. Nate will be presenting twice during the fabulous conference for anyone interested in water issues and how to improve the situation in your community. One of his talks is called "Landscape Design with Catchment in Mind." The other is titled, "Water, Soils, and Abundance: A Permacultural Approach to Water Harvesting."


    THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14, THRU MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, BIONEERS CONFERENCE Nate is hoping to set up a book-signing event at the conference and plans to attend a number of inspiring events including eco-movement greats like Jane Goodall, James Hansen, Andy Lipkis, and many more!

    • November, 2010
                      FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 7TH ANNUAL SUSTAINABLITY GUIDE PUBLISHES. An article Nate wrote about bike commuting will be published in the gem of a magazine put out by a local nonprofit for youth want to make a difference. It's called Earth Care International.


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