• Victory for Water Harvesters!

    I just sat down with Matt O'Reilly (Director of the Land Use Department), Wendy Blackwell (Division Director of Technical Review), and Michael Purdy (Division Director of Inspections and Enforcement) of the City of Santa Fe’s Land Use Department, and they all agreed to amend the water harvesting permit checklist to allow people with other licenses (not just plumbing licenses) to install cisterns! Email me (nate@sfpermaculture.com) for more information.


  1. Unknown says:

    Many thanks for taking the steps to follow through, so not to settle in cynicism for what was handed down. Your point about being politically proactive is pertinent here, as there was the opportunity to speak up in September, but the policy makers were met with silence. A good lesson in organizing.

  1. Anonymous says:

    We'll see . . . .
    Avid Cynic (Been There, Done That)

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